Thursday, July 28, 2011


4 months later having bad sinus and ear pains my mother finds me a ear doctor a e.n.t(ears nose & throat)doctor when i go to the ear doctor for ear problem . the doctor wanted to know what the lump in my throat was. i didn't want to know . my mother and father told him what the other doctor said what it might be and that i was scared. he didn't get mad he didn't scream at me . he told me he wants to see what it is and do a ct scan . I had this lump in my throat all my life and no one ever bothered it so why now . i was scared and i was praying that i didn't have to do a biopsy i seen it on video and it scared me .

the doctor he didn't let me have a biopsy thank GOD but he did make me run test a ct scan put some kind of dye in my arm.After having that done i felt so sick maybe from the stress or the radiation they gave me .i don't know but i didn't like what i was feeling waiting for the results was so stressful and having to be so patient for an answers i wanted to go somewhere and hide i couldn't take it i felt so much pressure on me and felt all alone. what i was going through,i didn't want to go through it. i told God if i have to keep having radiation i wont do it.

my mom finally got the call from the doctor's nurse and was told its not cancer and he wants me to come in to talk to me . i was so relieved but when i got there he tells me and my family that he has to do surgery on my throat to remove the cyst he found on my throat and was patient and ask if we had any questions he knew i was scared. my family went and picked a date for surgery. i didn't want surgery. i didn't believe in surgery . i kept praying for the lump to disappear even when i was in the surgery room i was praying for god to remove it so i don't have to surgery .

After surgery i was hurt i felt i didn't pray hard enough i didn't read the bible enough i learned that GOD hears ALL prayers but does whats is best

and that doctors are from GOD
GOD loved me enough to find me a good doctor

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