Wednesday, March 23, 2011

GOD even speaks to you sometimes when you need healing

when i couldn't walk I didn't know what was wrong all i know i was getting shooting pains in my foot in the middle of the night and i wanted to cry so bad from how bad the pain was but God spoke to me even though i wasn't expecting him to .he told me not to cry cause the devil wants me to . i couldn't walk on my leg for a few days and i was on crutches i hated it couldn't really do anything for my self. i went to a doctor who told me i would be on crutches most of my life i didn't believe him! it was hard relying on other people trying to do stuff your self and your on crutches when i tried to put shoes on it killed me i couldn't even walk how bad it was and the doctor didn't help just put a bandage on my foot that made it worse. God told me to tell people i was healed even though i wasn't so i told people that I didn't even know i was on crutches . i told them i was and told them i was healed even though i wasn't the next day i could walk . praise God !!! I don't know how many months later but the foot problem came back in the middle of the night no one was up but me so all i know my foot was in pain and i didn't want to lay down i wanted to walk i still had my crutches from last time but didn't want to use them when i woke up i told my mom and tried to sleep off the pain when i woke up my mom was ready to take me to the emergency room to see what was going on so as I'm getting ready then God spoke to me he told me not to go to the doctor hes going to make me walk and told me to get out of bed so i did pain free !!! i threw out my crutches never need them again ! PRAISE GOD!

God can also heal you at church

God can also heal you at church .
i received a healing in church
i had problems with bladder infections in the past went to the doctor they gave me medicines and everything was alright they then one SUNDAY i was going to church was getting ready. I washed my face brush teeth etc when i noticed i was bleeding again i was so scared i was crying i got on my knees and told God i cant take this anymore . my mother knocks on the door tells me to get ready we're leaving so i told my self i'm not going to worry about it I'm going to church to praise God . i walked in with a smile on my face and was more concerned about hearing the sermon and a lady there told me out of the blue that "God wanted me to tell you hes going to take care of you "(can't remember the exact words but it was similar to that ) after the sermon was over usually people stand in line and preacher prays over them.

i never done this before (was kinda new to church and i never got in line before ) so then i went up there and when it was my turn the preacher looked at me and got one of the church ladies to touch my stomach.i don't remember everything he was saying all i remember he said you told God you cant take this any more
(my exact words i said when i was crying before i left my house !)
then he said dry up and i felt like a shock in my body and the blood stopped. God knew what was going to happen before i did and he healed me he was in control of the situation.


I Made this Page to Glorify God Not Me I Hope This Will Help Increase Your Faith and Help You Not Give up. HEALINGS come in different ways and at different times .some take time.some are immediately like the time my ear just open up for no reason it felt like it got bigger (usually my problem is my ears clogging up or closing) and it was so painful and it was scary but some reason i didn't get scared i just got out of my bed and got on my knees and thank God for taking it away from me that's when i felt it my ear
close back up to normal that was an instant miracle !


I Made this Page to Glorify God Not Me I Hope This Will Help Increase Your Faith and Help You Not Give up