Wednesday, March 23, 2011

God can also heal you at church

God can also heal you at church .
i received a healing in church
i had problems with bladder infections in the past went to the doctor they gave me medicines and everything was alright they then one SUNDAY i was going to church was getting ready. I washed my face brush teeth etc when i noticed i was bleeding again i was so scared i was crying i got on my knees and told God i cant take this anymore . my mother knocks on the door tells me to get ready we're leaving so i told my self i'm not going to worry about it I'm going to church to praise God . i walked in with a smile on my face and was more concerned about hearing the sermon and a lady there told me out of the blue that "God wanted me to tell you hes going to take care of you "(can't remember the exact words but it was similar to that ) after the sermon was over usually people stand in line and preacher prays over them.

i never done this before (was kinda new to church and i never got in line before ) so then i went up there and when it was my turn the preacher looked at me and got one of the church ladies to touch my stomach.i don't remember everything he was saying all i remember he said you told God you cant take this any more
(my exact words i said when i was crying before i left my house !)
then he said dry up and i felt like a shock in my body and the blood stopped. God knew what was going to happen before i did and he healed me he was in control of the situation.

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